Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weaving Treadling Options - Converting a Twill Pattern to Four-Shaft Overshot

Let's consider how to convert your favorite twill to 4-shaft overshot. It has been said that overshot and crackle are sisters and twill is their mother. Basically, overshot and crackle are derivatives of twill. In 4-shaft overshot, 1 & 2 = A, 2 & 3 = B, 3 & 4 = C and 4 & 1 = D and like twill, blocks are threaded sequentially unless threaded on opposites (another story..). Consider a pointed twill threaded 1-2-3-4-3-2 and balanced with 1. For overshot, increase the blocks to 121(2)32(3)43[(4)1(4)]34(3)23(2)12 and balance with 1. The common thread between blocks is noted by parentheses ( ) and the turning block by a bracket [ ]. Remember, that turning blocks are written with a odd number of ends and treadled with an even number. You may increase the size of blocks to any number but consider the size of the float based on number in the block and sett. You may change the blocks so that they aren't all the same size. And, then, as with other overshot patterns, use tabby. It is a lot of fun to do if you have a fiber program and can play with the myriad of options.

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