Thursday, July 30, 2009

Brooches and Pins - First Coat of Paint

I tried something that I thought would probably not work and that is to apply all the paint in one session; see muddy example below. I will be patient with the remainder, applying one color per session and allow them to dry - like the instructions state. Though the stamp pads called for in the instructions would not be as messy, I think anything would work. The paints I am using are various and sundry including Neopaque, Lumiere and I will try some inexpensive craft paint I have on hand. Thus far, I have used only an old toothbrush and a cosmetic sponge.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Brooches and Pins

Sometimes, a store-bought button or pin will not work for a handmade item such as the vest I knitted recently. This afternoon, I had some fun working with air-dry polymer and a project guide from Sherrill Kahn's site. When they dry, I will paint them and decide if any two of them will coordinate well with the vest.

Little Fishies Sample

This is a swatch of one of my "just for fun" projects, a Little Fishies Scarf for a teenager's birthday. This is the neck panel from which the fishies will hang. It's not quite as wide or high as it's supposed to be so, I may have to add rows or use a wider tape. Silk fabric is on its way that I will dye and perhaps some will go in this project.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Latest fun project

This is a vest I just knitted that was inspired by Jane Thornley's Ripenings Vest. I am finished with it except for a few details. The left shoulder needs blocking or expanding just a little more. It doesn't show on the mannequin but over an arm dips in a little. I am considering an edging around the front, lapels and armholes to give stability but don't want to take away from the organic look of the vest. Also, I want to find a to-die-for closure. I really enjoyed knitting this vest. It is one of the few things that I have knit by the seat of my pants; thanks to Jane's suggestions in her Ripenings Shrug pattern.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Afternoon Visitor to the Studio

I've been preparing a warp in the studio this afternoon and came in shortly to mail an order and take a watermelon break. Sitting at the kitchen table, I saw a visitor on the studio step. He is a wee little bunny; no mama in sight. I wonder if he likes watermelon.