Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Winter Jacket Finished

I detoured from Jane Thornley's Paua Shell guide and turned the fabric on its side, stitched under the arms about 2-2-1/2" on each side. Then, I picked up stitches on each side and continued in pattern, bound off and pulled up the new sections to meet the arms. I like the way it wears even if I do look a little "fluffy." I discovered last night that I could turn the jacket upside down for a different length. Now, to finish one or two of those pins in these colors in order to join the front.

These 2 photographs are worn the long way with very little shawl/stand-up collar. It will be nice with a pair of leggings and turtleneck this winter.

These three photographs are worn the short way by turning the jacket upside down. I like the shawl collar. Worn in this fashion, the jacket will be a little dressier for a skirt and boots.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Little Fishies and Next Little Fishies?

Knitting Little Fishies is better than fishing for real fish - unless you are fishing with a silver hook as my daddy used to say when the catch for the day was slim to none.

This is a shorter version than the pattern but I think a teenaged girl I know will be quite pleased with it. Where are the fish (beads)? I've got to find just the right sweet confection to hang on the ends and it will be complete.

The photograph below is by Peggy Baxter. She is in Jane Thornley's group on Ravelry and sent in this picture to inspire all of us who are taking part in the Little Fishies knitalong. I've collected my stash below but, as usual, there is enough yarn there for a sweater - at least! So, it may be the Little Fishies Sweater. Where can I hang a fish line?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Little Fishies

Here is the first of the Little Fishies Scarves that I plan to make for gifts. These are not necessarily colors that I would choose to wear myself but the favorites of a special teenager.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Winter Jacket Update

I am really enjoying knitting this jacket but maybe not quite as much as the Day's End Vest as my favorite colors are more saturated. I think I would have liked this better with hues closer in value or a gradual shift in hues. Sometimes, they are not commercially available in a large number of yarn types and the major reason I established my dyeing business. I am really hoping that this jacket does not add bulk to my figure and have considered turning it on its side for a winter wrap. I love the concept of the jacket, though and have been calling it Smoky Mountain Shell rather than Paua Shell Topper due to the color differences.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Handwoven Ichthus Shawl

Finally completed for gifting to a special Christian friend. Can you see the fish swimming back and forth on the water?

The warp is Mood Indigo hand painted 8/2 tencel. The weft is mill dyed taupe 8/2 tencel. The pattern is a twill that I designed; fish are on 7 shafts and water on 8 shafts.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Two Finished Projects

Probably my greatest weakness in projects is finishing the details like edging, blocking and the right buttons. The buttons were elusive for the vest, inspired by Jane Thornley's Ripenings Shrug, and I finally finished at least 2 of the group I am painting. I will save others to add just the right colors when I need a button or brooch. But, for today, thankfully, I located the hot glue gun, pin backs, clear lacquer and all those things that seem to always slow me down. Determination paid off!

The second project that I finished was the Troika Wrap-Around Shawl. Since I was using laceweight yarns, I finished off a little sooner than the pattern directed and finished differently with a crocheted edge. This will make a nice fall wrap. The yarns I used were Serenity Cotton/Rayon, River Rayon Seed and Jojoland Melody Superwash Wool.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Winter Jacket

I have been working on this jacket for the last few days and cannot put it down. This is the Paua Shell, another design by Jane Thornley.