Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Knitting Projects Finished in 2009 - Installment 2

Begun on October 18 and finished on November 11, this project is for our guild's Think Pink show to be held next month. I've named it Celebration of Life Shrug. Although the shrug design is my own, I followed Jane Thornley's stitches in her Paua Shell Topper. It is very warm and can be worn in 2 directions. One direction is longer in the back. It makes a nice shawl collar worn that way.

Front worn the long way

Detail of the front worn the long way

Back worn the long way

Back detail worn the long way

Front collar detail worn with shawl collar

Detail of the front worn the short way

Back collar detail worn the short way

Detail of the back worn the short way

Friday, January 1, 2010

More Knitting Projects Finished in 2009-Installment 1

I knitted a lot in 2009 and seldom stopped to mark progress with blogging during the busy fall season. Rather than postiing all today, I will post all in the next few days; stay tuned.

The first that I finished on October 29 was the Sea Island Shrug inspired by Jane Thornley's Autumn Grasses Caped Cardigan.

I knitted a medium-sized bodice from using Jane Thornley’s guidelines. I wasn’t satisfied with the way the stripes were looking on me and so I changed the directions of the stripes. Rather than increasing for armholes, I decreased until I got to the cuff and did a k2,p2 ribbing. On the other side, I took out the cast on, put it back on the needles and repeated the decreases that I made on the other side. I finished off with a k3,p1 ribbing for about 6”. The binding is lying flat mostly except for the collar which probably will not due to the weight of the shrug. When I get the nerve, I will steek the collar as Christie suggested.

The bottom 2 pictures show how the garment is made to lift the collar to wear.