Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Shallow Tri Shawl for Easter?

I'm moving right along with HeartStrings Shallow Tri Shawl in hopes of having it finished and blocked for Easter. Fortunately, I'm putting in a lifeline every fourth row as my wonderful needle separated at the cable and needle a few nights ago. The yarn is my hand painted Summer Haze 8/2 tencel. The beads are a 6 mm iridescent that picks up all the colors in Summer Haze.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Guest Artists

One of the more pleasurable things for me about fiber arts is interaction with other fiber artists. And, occasionally, some nice folks even gift me with some of their creations! I received these 2 great gifts awhile back and just now getting my camera back into working order so that I can feature their work. The first picture is a skein of handspun silk from Deborah. I don't think the camera captures the color adequately and I am torn about balling up this yarn; it is so pretty and soft in the skein! What HeartStrings pattern do you think I should knit with it? There are about 200 yards.

And then there is Kimberly's hand dyed alpaca. This stuff is to die for. There are about 200 yards of it too. Now, the dilemma, in addition to what do I knit, is which one of these beautiful yarns to try first.