Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Winter Jacket Finished

I detoured from Jane Thornley's Paua Shell guide and turned the fabric on its side, stitched under the arms about 2-2-1/2" on each side. Then, I picked up stitches on each side and continued in pattern, bound off and pulled up the new sections to meet the arms. I like the way it wears even if I do look a little "fluffy." I discovered last night that I could turn the jacket upside down for a different length. Now, to finish one or two of those pins in these colors in order to join the front.

These 2 photographs are worn the long way with very little shawl/stand-up collar. It will be nice with a pair of leggings and turtleneck this winter.

These three photographs are worn the short way by turning the jacket upside down. I like the shawl collar. Worn in this fashion, the jacket will be a little dressier for a skirt and boots.


Delighted Hands said...

Saw your address on YahooGroup-beautiful knitting and weaving!

Deborah said...

What pretty colors! It is so much fun to finish something.