Saturday, September 5, 2009

R & R

Now that Don is retired, we occasionally take mini trips on one of the tour bikes. We just returned from an overnight trip to St. Francisville, LA for some R & R.

Our first stop was in Natchez, MS where we ate at Fat Mama's Tamales. We have enjoyed sitting on their patio and eating tamales over the years. Natchez is at the southern end of the Natchez Trace and a good short ride for us.

Love their "shingle."

Yellow dog with a crank shaft tail.

I couldn't resist bringing Dilly home. He brings a smile to our face and memories of Fat Mama's.

Rosalie, one of Natchez's many antebellum homes pictured here is across the road.

Back on the bike, we rode to St. Francisville and had a wonderful dinner out at the Ox Bow. The next morning, we toured Rosedown Plantation. We had a nice, private tour of the inside of the home but could not take pictures inside due to not being able to use the flash. Our tour guide was quite knowledgeable about the family and the time in which the house was built. The grounds were just as beautiful; these are only a few of the pictures we took. Over the years, many trees have been lost and last year during Hurricane Gustaff, the plantation closed for 6 weeks due to the number of trees and limbs down. Since we had never been there before, it was hard to imagine that there had ever been more trees.

Front of Rosedown Plantation home/


From upstairs porch

This picture will be my inspiration for a sweater I am knitting.

The only live oak of which we could get the whole tree in the lens!

Looking forward to the next road trip.


Delighted Hands said...

Sounds like a lovely trip-I am partial to live oaks myself!

Delighted Hands said...
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Margaret at Heritage Yarns said...

They are amazing trees. To think that many of them date back to before the founding of our country boggles my mind. It is a shame to lose them; we lost so many on the MS Coast, including parts of the Friendship Oak, during Hurricane Katrina.

Southern Lady said...

Beautiful pictures, Margaret. I love those old oaks and wish they could talk. Can you imagine the stories they could tell!

We love Fat Mama's, too, especially the tamales. I think the atmosphere was better in their old building, but we were pleased to see that the tamales are just as good in the new location.

Your "Little Fishies" scarves are so cute! I love the colors in them and plan to visit your website to shop for Christmas gifts for a couple of nieces.



Margaret at Heritage Yarns said...

Janie, if you have never been, visit the Friendship Oak on the Southern campus on the coast and go up in the treehouse. The tree was a sapling when Columbus discovered America! Go up in the treehouse and look out on the ocean. It is a surreal experience.

I'm thinking about making my own tamales by Do's Eatery's recipe but don't know that I can duplicate the Fat Mama experience.

I'm glad you like Little Fishies. Brittany will receive it on 9/19. I hope to get some good pictures.