Monday, September 28, 2009

Forest Glen Shrug

This is the latest knitting project I've finished inspired by Jane Thornley's Autumn Grasses Cardigan. My fabrics don't always turn out like patterns, as I enjoy letting the fabric dictate the style in which it would look best based on the finished size of my fabric, drape and to what looks best on my body.

When it was time to do armhole shaping, I increased rapidly rather than decreasing slowly as the pattern indicated, until I had a good width. I then placed the fabric on a lifeline and held the fabric up to my torso to see what would look best on me; a shrug was the answer. The increases provided a nice cap sleeve. I folded it in half and joined the sides for the length of the increases. Then, I double-crocheted around the perimiter with Manos handspun and single-crocheted around the armhole openings. The shrug was finished with 8 mm beads. I look forward to wearing this soon.

Forest Glen Shrug - Back

Forest Glen Shrug - Detail of Back Collar

Forest Glen Shrug - Detail of Back Edge

Forest Glen Shrug - Detail of Front Collar

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Emme Toaye said...

Beautiful woodsy forest colors, you have a lot of talent and an eye for color combos.