Saturday, September 3, 2011

Warping a Loom Back to Front - Part 4

Threading the Heddles - Part 2

Continue to thread the heddles and begin to sley the reed.

Step 25: Here is the first repeat threaded.

Step 26: Continue threading. Here, I have left one end on the outside in case I decide on floating selvages. Generally, I will tie groups of one inch sett in a bundle with half hitches shown here.

Step 27: The heddle bars are still unclipped. Shake ends from the front so that ends fall in natural position.

Step 28: The heddle bars are still unclipped. This is a wide angle of the previous picture.

Step 29: Yarns are lined up and ready to clip heddle bars. Separate just a little in order to get to the clips easier. (Correction: see step #41.)

Step 30: Raise shafts one at a time to reach clips easier. Note heddle bars that need cleaning! Clip top and bottom of each shaft. Some looms have one on each side, top and bottom.

Step 31: Heddle bars are clipped. If this warp were wider, this step would have been a little early. Really, the reed should be sleyed first. (Yes, it was a little early. See 41.)

Step 32: Loom is unfolded. Lease sticks are still in place.

Step 33: Remove the lease sticks.

Step 34: Ready to sley the reed.

Step 35: This is the same as previous but shown from the front of the loom.

Step 36: Determine the reed size needed and place in the beater bar. Tie the beater so that it is perpendicular to the warp. Some looms are equipped with a pin on the side of the loom frame with a hole there that matches up with one in the beater.

The reed is almost ready to be sleyed.

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