Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tencel Yarn Tips

Yarn spun from 8/2 Tencel fiber is a natural yarn manufactured from wood by-products in an environmentally friendly method. Tencel, like linen, has very little elasticity but is worth the extra effort for the heavy drape, wonderful sheen and silky hand and natural, cool comfort of cotton. Tencel is equally suited for weaving, knitting and crocheting.

Shown on the left is a scarf woven on a 8/2 tencel painted warp.

If you are weaving with tencel, sett a little closer than cotton of the same weight. Advance often (every few inches)and do not fill bobbins as full as you would for another fiber. The weight of the bobbins pulling on the selvages can break the selvages. Some weavers double the outside 3 or 4 ends and/or use a floating selvage.

Finish in the washing machine and dryer or as is appropriate for the fiber. If using a fringe it should be twisted or braided as an untwisted fringe will start to disintegrate after a few launderings. Don't be alarmed that it feels like cardboard when you remove it from the loom. It will transform in the water! Personally, I remove from the washing machine (cold, delicate setting) and hard press with a hot iron, first one side, then the other, overlapping as I press. Then, polish both sides by *ironing.* Hang to finish drying and be ready to receive the weaver's handshake.

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