Sunday, September 4, 2011

Reasons for Tying a Dummy Weaving Warp

I have not always been sold on dummy warps and even made the comment one time that I knew the reason they called it a "dummy." I've changed my mind! Not only is it a good idea to tie a dummy warp to save time but to be able to weave to the very end of a hand dyed warp or use the ends for fringe with no waste. Here are other good reasons. When tying on, you can change the warp thread and sett. After weaving a dozen cotton towels, you might change to a fine wool and then weave some scarves, then maybe switch to linen and weave something else, resleying the reed each time. To change the appearance, use a different treadling sequence. (I will cover some of these possibilities at a later date. Other possibilities are to insert extra heddles when threading originally so that for subsequent warps a few changes can be made in the threading that will have maximum impact on the design. Borders can be changed by rethreading by leaving heddles on all shafts on both sides of the warp. Or if the original was woven with a border, remove and make a half hitch in front of the heddles; you can always add back in part or entirety at a later date. I will trying some of these tips myself in the near future and report back here on my progress. May just see how many items I can weave out of one warp and share pictures.

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