Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cocoon Jacket Schematics

Width in the reed was 27 inches and I actually wove 40-3/4 inches for the 2 panels and allowed enough for fringe on the ends of about 4 inches on each end and used loom waste for the last fringe. My warp was 3 yards long. Finished measurements of each panel was 21 inches X 38-1/4 inches. This would depend entirely on your yarn, finishing, etc. 

After you have woven and finished the panels, place the panels side by side and make an overcast stitch for 25 inches. Now, match the fringe of the front and back on the sides and overcast for 11 inches. 

Of course, you can always make the panels wider and longer/more narrow for size. If you made them very long you would, basically, have a Hopi jacket. You can also do this on the machine just catching the selvages. When you put it on, the ends fold back so that you have this pretty lapel and fringe. If you use stripes in your warp it is very slimming from the back and the stripes on the front run kind of bias. Or use your hand dyed colorway for the warp and weave off with a tone-on-tone or solid so that the color runs vertically on the body. If you like, embellish the lapel with surface design and beading or a special pin.

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