Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Restoration Progress

We are moving right along with the restoration project. Den furniture has been moved back in from the living room/dining room so that we got three rooms back! Yarn is back in place in the studio and I am in the process of organizing books and magazines that were packed in haste. And, I was glad to see that there was damage to only one book - my favorite weaving pattern book. (And, that is incredible considering everything around us.) But, it is still usable if a little musty and mildewed. Possibly, it will be more treasured as it made it through the storm.

We've begun work on the yard with 3 dump trucks full of sand. I'm beginning to like the beach look. (0: A patio will be put in shortly in front of the studio so that we may sit and talk about knitting and weaving projects and maybe even knit and weave and share a beverage or two. The patio will be made up of old brick scattered around the back of the lot with highlights of large stepping stones that my daddy and I made in the sixties of concrete and river stones we collected on family property.

The hardest part has been saying goodbye to the dogwoods my mama planted. I'm so glad we took this picture a couple of evenings before the storm.

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