Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Project(s) Along

One of the members of Christian Artisans, Deborah Lofink, suggested we all knit or weave something for ourselves after Christmas with the starting date of February 18. Since I was without a current project on the needles, I knew there was no way for me to wait that long. I plan to knit Jackie E-S's new Ring of Lace Wrap but the pattern was not here yesterday; it was a rainy night in Mississippi and no knitting project. What's a girl to do? (-: So, I waded to the studio and selected some yarns for the Troika Wrap-Around, another of Jackie's patterns, as I enjoyed the making of the first one so much and, even more, I enjoy wrapping up in it on the couch and occasionally wearing it as the drama queen. lol. It is a bit longer than the pattern!

The pattern calls for a worsted weight but, since I had successful results the first time, I decided on one of the same yarns this time, Serenity, and added River for its exceptional sheen, texture and saturation of color and Jojoland Melody Superwash Wool for a little warmth. A lot of warmth is not often necessary here in Mississippi. The differences in the yarns won't be as dramatic as is called for in the pattern but I plan to wear this a lot. The main colorway in Serenity and River, Tallahatchee Bridge, are easy to wear with almost everything including gray, black, beige, brown, blue, taupe and green. It should look equally good for dress-up or with a pair of jeans.

Now, you know that I will have to knit a row of this and a row of the Ring of Lace Wrap and hopefully, there is not a quick deadline to this project as the gals from Christian Artisans are fast knitters!


Jackie E-S said...

I've always loved the colors of Tallahatchee Bridge. Like you say, the colors go with so many things. Even tho the colors you've chosen are similar, the textures and sheen are so varied, I am sure it will make a lovely fabric. I already can see some interesting things going on in the bit you've knitted so far.

Happy knitting!

p.s. The Ring of Lace pattern should have gotten to you today or latest tomorrow?

Margaret at Heritage Yarns said...

Thanks, Jackie. Yes, the Ring of Lace Wrap and other new knitting patterns arrived Wednesday afternoon. I am dyeing a new colorway in silk bombyx, for the fun of it, to try it out. I hope it dries quickly. lol.

Jackie E-S said...

Oooh - new colorway.

Oooh - bombyx silk.

Can't wait to see!