Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Twenty Things About Me

This has been something popular to do for a few years now. I saw one blog with 100 things. I don't think I would ever think of 100 things about me but, here are 20.

1. From these parts, it is said, "American by birth, southern by the grace of God." True, but I prefer "Southern by birth, Christian by the grace of God."

2. Don and I have been together (counting dating time) 32 years. We had known each other by sight for 6 years through our careers in music. We will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary in 2011. We have no children except for 2 four-legged babies that have gone over the rainbow bridge.

3. I don't understand boredom. I have always needed a challenge and because of it, a jack-of-all-trades. No challenge and I'm gone. So, on to #4. (;

4. I was a professional vocalist in my twenties for 6 years. I worked all over the U.S. and enjoy the memories made in those years.

5. After those 6 years, I was vocalist with Don (pianist) and was vocalist in the 41st Army Band (MS Army National Guard) and full-time supply technician with the MS Army National Guard.

6. I served as a color and design consultant and picture framer in a cross stitch/frame shop.

7. I was an administrative assistant for two divisional merchandise managers (with 13 buyers between them) for a major department store followed by administrative assistant to an independent sales rep.

8. I have been a knitter since 1964 and a weaver and dyer since 1987, and loved a multitude of other methods of color interaction. In the last year, I have begun rug hooking. I have been and am a member of various crafts-related guilds.

9. I love all colors but prefer rich, saturated color.

10. I finished up the last 15 years of my working career by establishing Heritage Yarns and wore all the hats that owning a business entailed including dyeing most of the yarns.

11. It is a joy to be retired and dyeing, knitting, weaving and hooking for my own pleasure. Not to say anything about how wonderful it is to take a guilt-free nap or have lunch with a friend.

12. I don't like beets and that's about all except I may be allergic to mangos and something in Margaritas.

13. I love spicy foods and have made chili so hot we had to open the doors in January. I wish my stomach liked spicy foods as much as I do.

14. I love cooking for friends and family. When I can't, I cook too much for two people to eat.

15. I love riding on the back of one of Don's two tour bikes. We've toured all over; I've been riding behind him for 32 years and pray the Lord sees fit that we can ride many more years.

16. We live in the same home that my daddy and mama built in 1964. They were self-employed with a home office. Who knew I would use their office for my business?

17. We still play music monthly at no charge for our local senior adult daycare center. They love it and we love them.

18. New friends are wonderful; old friends are best. We stay in contact with our musician friends, some of whom span back 48 years.

19. My only brother passed away a few months ago. Heaven is an even sweeter place now. His two sons are good men with sweet wives and children.

20. There is not enough time in this life to do the things I want to do. I wonder what our Father, our Creator, will have us doing in heaven.

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