Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Home and Studio Restoration Update

It has been an eventful week with completion of repair to our home and studio. We spent the day Monday moving back into the studio. Not everything has been unpacked as I am taking time to organize. It feels great to find things! One day soon, we will paint the new shutters. It's nice to have new steps and fence on the back as well.

The patio looks exactly as it was. The carpenters and brick mason did a wonderful job. Our next door neighbor, whose house you see in this picture, will be taking down his house soon in order to rebuild.

Our neighbor (a custom home builder who lives on the opposite corner) has almost finished with demolition of his house. We look forward to seeing what he will build in its place.

Work on the yard will begin next and we can hardly wait! We loved the trees but look forward to a lawn and small patio around the studio.

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Woven ~N~ Spun said...

Looking good. Glad you are getting some semblence of normal back.